1562 to 1647

1563. The Council of Trent in Rome affirms that Roma cannot be priests.

1568. Pope Pius V orders the expulsion of all Roma from the domain of the Roman Catholic Church.

1573. Gypsies in Scotland are ordered to leave the country or settle down.

1578. At the General Warsaw Seym, King Stephen Báthory pronounces an edict threatening sanctions against anyone who harbours Roma on their lands. They are punished as accomplices of outlaws.

1579. Augustus, elector of Saxony, orders the confiscation of Romani passports and banishes them from Saxony.

Gypsies are recorded in Wales.

Wearing of Romani dress is banned in Portugal.

1580. Roma are recorded on the Finnish mainland.

1586. Nomadic Roma are ordered expelled from Belarus.

1589. In Denmark, the death penalty is ordered for any Roma not leaving the country.

1595. Stefan Razvan, the son of a Roma slave and free woman, becomes ruler of Moldavia in April. He is deposed four months later and murdered in December of the same year.

1596. 106 men and women are condemned to death at York just for being Gypsies, but only nine are executed. The others prove they were born in England.


Early 17th century. Spanish legislation becomes harsher, forbidding Gitanos from dealing in horses. The local populace is given permission to form armed groups to pursue Gitanos.

1606. Roma are prohibited by Henry IV of France from any gathering of more than three or four. Roma are punished as "vagabonds and evil-doers."

1611. Spanish legislation orders that all Gitano occupations must be connected to the land.

1619. Philip III declares all Gitanos are to be banished from the kingdom of Spain within six months, or to settle in a locality with over 1,000 inhabitants. The dress, name and language of the Gitanos is banned. The punishment is death.

1637. The first anti-Gypsy law in Sweden is enacted. All Roma should be expelled from the country within one year. If any Roma are found in Sweden after that date the men will be hanged and the women and children will be driven out from the country.

1646. An ordinance passed in Berne gives anyone the right "personally to kill or liquidate by bastinado or firearms" Roma or Heiden (heathen) malefactors.

1647. Roma are punished by the Louis XIV regency of France for being "Bohemians." Punishment is the galleys.